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Coworking Space
StatusExitedYear Founded2014

My Journey with Kolektif House: Pioneering Coworking Spaces in Turkey

As one of the three founders of Kolektif House, I embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the concept of workspaces in Turkey. From its inception, Kolektif House was more than just a business endeavor; it was a manifestation of my vision to positively impact people’s lives beyond mere financial success.

Building from Scratch: My role in this venture was multifaceted. Starting with a small team, we built Kolektif House from the ground up, evolving into a network of over 10 locations with more than 5,000 members. My hands-on involvement ranged from sales initiatives to developing the network architecture, embodying the true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Introducing a New Concept: The challenge was introducing coworking spaces in a market where they were virtually unknown. We had to distinguish ourselves from traditional serviced offices by offering something more: creative spaces imbued with a sense of community. To attract the burgeoning startup ecosystem, I spearheaded ‘Kolektif Explore,’ a monthly event series. As the host, I brought together hundreds from the startup world, fostering connections and inspiring innovation.

Impact and Growth: This venture was a remarkable growth experience. I nurtured Kolektif House from a nascent idea to a thriving community, attracting notable investors and eventually leading to a successful exit. This journey wasn’t just about building a successful business; it was about cultivating a community where creativity, collaboration, and inspiration flourished.

A Legacy of Enabling and Inspiring: My philosophy has always been to create positive changes in people’s lives. At Kolektif House, we did just that. We hosted a diverse array of events, from startup gatherings and live jam sessions to Sunday breakfasts and art exhibitions. Each event was a testament to our commitment to enable and inspire our members.

In retrospect, my time with Kolektif House was a period of intense learning, innovation, and fulfillment. We didn’t just build spaces; we created an ecosystem where ideas, passion, and people came together, creating a lasting impact on the lives we touched.